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A Sport For All

Pétanque is suitable for everyone, regardless of one's age. Be it with family or friends, you can enjoy the game of pétanque with anyone!

In simple terms, pétanque is a game where you win by throwing your balls closer to a small wooden ball, known as the jack, than your opponent.

How to play Pètanque

Step 1

Jack is thrown by one team. The team plays the first ball

Step 2

The other team then plays one ball.

Step 3

The team whose ball is furthest from the Jack goes again.

Step 4

Step 3 is repeated until one team finishes their balls.

Step 5

 The remaining balls of the other team are then played.

Step 6

Points are then counted. The team with the closest ball wins. The number of balls thrown by the winning team that are closer than the closest opposing team ball is the points the winning team gets.

Step 7

Winning team throws the Jack for the next end.

Step 8

First team to 13 points.

Benefits of Petanque


Requires focus, strategy and energy

It's as much a mental game, as it is a physical one. You have to decide which is the best tactic to use, whether is it to shoot the ball or try to point one closer. Games can last as long as a few hours, thus requiring a lot of mental endurance.

Inclusive and easy to learn

The rules are simple and after a brief explanation anyone can play. Of course, it can take longer to learn tactics and the best moves!

Promotes mental health excessively

Petanque is a fun game that can reduce stress and prevent social isolation. It also promotes friendship and reduces anxiety.

Boost academic performance

Pétanque is said to be helping one's studies as well, due to it inculcating paramount values such as patience. It can also train one to remain calm and focused under high-pressure conditions.

Petanque Courts in Singapore
check out where you can enjoy the game of petanque!

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