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Our Vision

We aspire to popularise Pétanque and solidify Pétanque's reputation of being a sport that transcends above age. We also hope to be a NSA reputed for developing Pétanque as a sport for all ages.

Our Mission

We strive to raise every player to be physically fit, mentally strong and socially competent in an excellence driven environment.

Our Values

Friendship, Excellence, Respect

Our Story

In Singapore, Pétanque is a relatively unheard of sport. However, we at Sports Boules Singapore are hoping to change that.

Now, we are coaching enthusiastic players from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Polytechnics in this sport. We have 18 affiliates with many registered Pétanque players. Junior members are increasing in numbers and training is carried out frequently for players in order to prepare them for the SEA Games, World Championships, Asian Championships and regional competitions. Talented players are being sent overseas for training and competitions. 

This is still not enough. We are hoping to expand the number of Pétanque players even more, by organising Pétanque classes and a lot more activities. Do support us by trying the sport out if you have not already done so!


History of Sports Boules Singapore


Pétanque was introduced to Singaporeans as a recreational exercise for senior citizens by the People's Association and Singapore Sports Council


Singapore Pétanque Federation was formed.


Renamed to Singapore Pétanque and Sports Boules Federation


Introduced the sport to students.


Renamed to Sports Boules Singapore

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