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Sports Boules Singapore's Achievements

  • 2005

SEA Games

- Bronze Medal in Women's Singles and Doubles

  • 2007

Junior World Championships

- ranked 9th

SEA Games

- Bronze Medal in Women's Triples

  • 2009

Asian Indoor Games

- Silver Medal in Women's Singles

  • 2010:

 Asian Championships

- Gold Medal in Men's Shooting

  • 2011

Junior World Championship

- Bronze Medal in Shooting

  • 2014

SEA Petanque Championship

- Gold Medal in Triples, Bronze Medal in Singles and Shooting 

 Pan Pacific Championship

- Bronze Medal in Men's Triples, Bronze Medal in Shooting

 Pahang Open 

- Gold Medal in Men's Doubles

Asian Beach Games

- Gold Medal in Men's Shooting, Bronze Medal in Women's Shooting

  • 2015

Myanmar Friendship Games

- men's shooting gold and bronze

 Port Dickson open

- sliver and bronze

SEAPA Championship, Phnom Penh

- men's shooting sliver
- Women's Triples bronze

Participated in 28th SEA games

Participated in 15th Juniors' and Women's World Championship, Bangkok

- Junior triples rank 14 in the world

  • 2016

 Asean University Games

- Men's shooting bronze

3rd SEAPA Championship, Vientiane

- Men's singles gold

- Junior shooting bronze

Participated in Asian Beach Games

 Participated in 10th Pan Pacific Open

 20th Asian Petanque championships, Nay Pvi Taw

- Men's shooting bronze

  • 2017

 5th Port Dickson open

- Women's Triples (top 8)
Participated in Pattaya International Open Doubles

Participated in World Championships, Belgium

Thailand Petanque International Open

- men's doubles silver

- Women's doubles gold

- Mixed doubles silver

Participated in Jakarta Open

 Participated in 29th SEA Games

 World Juniors and Women Championship

- Women's rank 39 in the world

 1st Asian Boules Sports Confederation Championships, Bangkok

 Nations' Cup

- Men's triple bronze

- Women's Triples bronze

- Junior Triples Bronze

  • 2018

Participated in 2nd Asian Boules Sports Confederation Championship, Kuala Lumpur
 Participated in 5th Women Confederations Cup, Taipei

 Participated in Malacca Doubles Open, Malacca

Best Performing Junior Team


  • 2019

 Participated in 32nd Port Authority of Thailand, Bangkok 

​​17th Juniors and Women World Championships, Phnom Penh

- Junior triples rank 21 in the world

  • 2020

World Petanque Offline Cup

- Junior Males Standard Shooting gold, silver and bronze

- Senior Females Standard Shooting silver

- Junior Male Parthian Shooting silver and bronze

- Junior Female Parthian Shooting gold and silver​

  • 2021

18th Juniors and Women World Championships, Santa Susanna

- Junior's triples rank 21 in the world​

- Junior's Shooting rank 16 in the world

- Women's Shooting rank 26 in the world

  • 2022

4th World Championship Petanque, Karlslunde 


- Women's rank 19 in the world
-  Men's rank 25 in the world

- Women's rank 34 in the world 
- Men's rank 19 in the world 
- Mixed rank 37 in the world

Participated in Johor Open


4th ABSC Petanque Championships, Bangkok

- Men's triples 3rd in Nations Cup​

- Junior's Shooting rank 5th 

- Women's Shooting rank 9th

-Men's Shooting rank 8th

  • 2023

Participated in 32nd SEAGames

5th ABSC Petanque Championships, Bangkok

- Junior's triples 3rd in Nations Cup​

- Junior's Shooting rank 8th 

- Women's Shooting rank 9th

-Men's Shooting rank 8th

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