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Our Classes

What You Will Learn

Want to learn to play pétanque? Want to get better at the sport?

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We offer classes to players of all levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to take it to the next level.


After a few months of training, one is expected to be proficient at the game of pétanque, and will be able to execute the 2 main techniques of pétanque: pointing and shooting.

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Details about classes

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Lesson Schedule

Your training regime will be fully customizable, suited to your needs and skillsets. This will help you soar to greater heights and improve overall as a Petanque player.

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What you do during Petanque lessons

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Your Teacher

Frank Foo

Sports Development Manager

Frank is Sports Boules Singapore's Sports Development Manager.  Under the guidance of national coach Anthony Ho, Frank has managed to grasp a good knowledge and understanding of the game and is ready to develop many other Pétanque players, grooming them to be fine players who master the technique of throwing and competing.


So what next after you've mastered Pétanque?

When your coach thinks you're ready, you can request for a selection test to train with the national team!

A specialised test has been crafted to put your abilities to the test and if done well, you may be allowed to train with the national team.

Schedule of Trial Lesson

Saturday: 9am - 11am
If you're unable to make it for this time, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements to see if we can open a new timeslot for you.

09:00 AM

Administrative Matters + Introductions to the Game

You will be introduced to the rules of Pétanque and learn about the history of the sport.

09:30 AM

Learning how to Throw

You will learn about the backhand throwing of the Pétanque ball, as well as learn about the 2 techniques to throwing a Pétanque disc: shooting and pointing.

10:00 AM


You will discover how to play a game and get to experience firsthand and try it out yourself!

11:00 AM


You will be debriefed and recap on what you've learnt.

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Pricing Plans

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Register for a Lesson

Interested? Please fill up a short 1-minute form to indicate your interest, and we will contact you shortly.

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